Summer Camp 2018
Summer Camp is quickly approaching. We don't want you or your students to miss out on this awesome experience. I know we had an amazing time digging deeper into our faith...or even starting our faith journey...last year at camp. This year will be just as good for our students.
We are headed back to Alpine Camp and Conference Center this year, so you know it will be good. And they tell us the food this year will be so much better than last! That right there is exciting! Here is the important information:

When: July 29th - Aug 3rd (Sunday through Friday)
Where: Alpine!!
Cost: $389 for students (there is no tiered pricing this year since the price went up) $150 for counselors.
Activities: TONS! Zip lines, tree climbing, air soft (additional $10/game), swimming, cafe, nature walks, giant chess, there's something for everyone. Literally, EVERYONE!
Special Note: Please ensure your students are dressed modestly. This applies to both genders. 


Being in the mountains always brings us closer together.

Camp is a great way for students from different churches to come together and have some fun in the down time.